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Friday, August 14, 2009

Les Paul

In high school when every kid seemed to be part of a garage band and wanted to be the next Guns and Roses or Metallica or the Traveling Willburys. The one common term among guitarists was Les Paul. The Les Paul was the holy grail amongst those musicians.

I forget where exactly but I believe somewhere near the East Village there was a club that advertised that Les Paul played there once a week. Being a jaded New Yorker, I would think about checking it out remembering how revered he was then forget about it.

Now I am really regretting never seeing him perform.

The Legendary Les Paul Dies at 94

Les Paul was a class act. Even when he was crippled with arthritis he figured out a way to play guitar without bending his fingers. And he was beloved by all.

Godspeed to you sir.