Property Grunt

Thursday, February 25, 2010



Vancouver is freaking out as bills begin to pile up for the Olympics. No sympathy here. It is not as if this was a big surprise.

Natavia Lowery murderer was found guilty. You already know where I stand.

An MBA student wrote a pissy email about being kicked out of a class for coming in late even though he was just sampling the class. The Professor responded by ripping him a new set of orifices and parading it out to the world.

If the MBA student is reading this, there is something called "Due Diligence." It does not just apply to business but life as well. All he had to do was send an email or call to know what the rules for attendance were. Remember, professors are like judges and the classroom is their court. The professor in this situation was more than fair.

I was just reading this article on the Greece debt hole and how the parties who helped them out with the debt are now trying to bury them in that hole in order to make a profit. A whole country being destroyed and not a single shot being fired. If this is not an example of "Business is War" than I don't know what is. What makes this ironic is that Ancient Greek history is studied all over America and is considered as one of the foundations of Western Civilization. I wonder if their financial woes will be covered on the exam.

This reminds me of an IM conversation I had last year.

Me: Even the rich are going ghetto
Family Member: um if you're selling your gold you're not wealthy, just saying