Property Grunt

Friday, March 05, 2010

And you thought Peter Parker was having a bad day

Looking for a scandal? you throw a rock into the New political scene, you are bound to hit one.

Nothing new here. Paterson is getting slammed. How so you say? Take your pick.

Do You Suffer from Scandal Fatigue? Paterson Hopes So!

Paterson Aide Forged Gov's Signature on Check to Yankees

As Scandal Continues, NY State Police Chief Resigns

Despite a defiant front, Rangel is getting his.

Rangel to "Temporarily" Step Down from House Chairmanship

Rangel Might Reconsider Running For Reelection

Desiree Rogers has decided to step down.
White House Social Secretary Steps Down
Perhaps if she realized what the duties of her position were and made every effort to fulfill them instead of seeking the spotlight in selling the Obama brand, some fame whores would have never got in and endangered the life of the president. Perhaps she would not be in fear of the White House putting a hit on her career.

As I have stated before, a major part of politics is the game of ass. And these individuals failed to understand or abide by the rules. They felt that their position alone was able to protect them from even their own hubris.

On a lighter note, Naomi Campbell was able to avoid another trip to the clink.

Don't feel bad about Peter Parker. In fact be proud that the House of Ideas has brought him back to his roots.