Property Grunt

Monday, March 29, 2010

Not my problem.

I have been clearing out the draft folder and found this ditty from 7/26/05. Wow. It has been 5 years. This blog is old.

In a previous entry the Grunt discussed the importance of owners authorizing access for brokers in order to show. Well guess what happened again. The Grunt was on the verge of ripping apart a doorman but the then Grunt had a moment of clarity. This wasn't the Grunt's problem. You see the doorman is doing his job. If the doorman claims the Grunt does not have authorization and will not give access to the Grunt, then the Grunt will take the word of the doorman. Now whether this can be verified is another story.

For now the Grunt looks like an idiot in front of a group of people who want to see the apartment however the person who gets hurt the most is the seller. A very simple rule in real estate. You can't show, you can't sell. Since it is not the responsibility of the Grunt to get the authorization it falls on the seller's shoulders.

Now here's where it gets interesting. If the seller gave the Grunt authorization then doorman has a lot of questions to answer. If he doesn't have a justifiable reason for his actions then he is going to have one pissed off resident and the most dangerous thing to a doorman is an angry resident. Especially one who's trust has been violated by a doorman.

There are doormen who hide behind their authority and policy to make brokers lives aggravating. Sometimes its personal, sometimes it's their way to school the broker into acknowledging their authority. Grunt doesn't care either way. If I can't get in I can't get in. When the seller asks WTF? I will just point to the doorman.

A smart doorman will understand the dynamics of accountability. If they prevent a broker from entering they better damn well sure they are in the right and are doing to for the welfare for the building. If it is simply out of malice and the evidence supports that position they are going to be in a world of hurt.

But it is not sweat for the Grunt, because I am not the one at fault.


I do not remember much about the doorman but I do know that he got reamed badly by the owner.

This doorman was definitely the exception rather than the rule. Doormen are a vital part of a residential building as I have stated in my entry.

Doormen: The Gatekeepers of a building

Remember, show respect to them and they will respond in kind.