Property Grunt

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I have been digging around the old draft folder and found some entries that I would like to see the light of the day. This was written up last year.

In a previous entry I spoke of a certain development in my life that I need to address. I don't want to go into details out of respect for the parties involved but I can't remain silent on the regarding my own aggravation because it has been taking up a lot of my own cognitive space as the deadline looms closer and closer it has become more of a burden for me.

I have been invited to an event of sorts. This type of event is known to be a very joyful yet complicated one that requires presence of a variety of volunteers to assist with the event. Now I was basically drafted as a volunteer for this event by one of the organizers. I figured it would be one day. I was wrong. It turns out the event would entail more than one day. It would also require that those who have been selected would need put up their own capital for housing and transportation needs.

Now I have mention the location of this event is quite out of the way and the location is known to have very limited public transportation during certain hours of the day which coincidentally is when the event takes place. This requires the use a private motor vehicle that charges by a certain rate of distance from the main hub of transportation to the location where the event is to take place.

After seeing the terms that were presented to me by the organizing parties and seeing my capital outlays go beyond what I was comfortable with my initial investment. I realized the optimal strategy would exercise the single day option where I would be there for only the event itself. This would eliminate my housing costs and save time.

Even if we weren't experiencing a recession, I would still exercise these options because they are more feasible for me. When I stated my plan of action to one of the organizers, they basically outright rejected my proposal, stating that because of my role, I was required to spend the entire duration including the event .

I reminded them my role was only needed for the event itself. Not for the other days that that were also included with the event. Our discussion went on for several days through various forms of communication. It would be an understatement to say they were intense. The organizer finally conceded to my proposal.

There was no malice in what I was asking, in fact I think I was being quite reasonable because the terms they were presenting for the participants and volunteers of the event were unequal, in fact the majority of those individuals would greatly benefit from the arrangement due to their close proximity to the location therefore their operating expenses from housing to travel would be considerably reduced.

The organizers were coordinating the best possible arrangement that would benefit them and as many people as possible which I strongly believe is the appropriate action to take and I do not begrudge of these people who are taking advantage of the situation.

However, it does concern me when the organizers are unwilling to be sympathetic to the hardships for individuals like myself.

Yes. I have thought of pulling out, but I have made a commitment and I plan on keeping it.


At the end of the summer the organizer abruptly cut off all communication with me even though it appeared that all seemed civil between us after the event. I did attempt several times to re-establish ties but to no avail.

Any regrets? Absolutely not. I learned a long time ago that when you are not comfortable doing something, then don't do it at all. And if the people around aren't willing to understand or at least empathize with your plight then to hell with them. Why suffer needlessly?

Besides, I addressed the situation in a proper manner way before the event was to be held and not at the last minute which this organizer has done to me in the past. The organizer was more than well compensated for the event and by another party that I represented.

Now when it comes time to organize my own event, will I invite this person? Absolutely. It is the right thing to do. Whether they accept or not is up to them and after how they acted towards me I don't really give a damn what they say.