Property Grunt

Monday, June 28, 2010

A real estate market for Doomsday

As a child of the cold war, I remember watching The Day After, which gave me nightmares and even to this day the movie scares the crap out of me.

When the Iron Curtain fell which signaled the end of the cold war, I figured that Nuclear War was something that was left to Sci Fi films.

Nope. Y2K came along. And went.

Everything is honk dory right? Not after 9/11.

Below is a segment from Nightline , about luxury survival condos.

What should raise a couple of eyebrows is when a developer who specializes in these shelters is asked if he is being paranoid. He asks if the government is paranoid because they have been feverishly building these shelters in the last ten years. And he knows this because they use the same engineers.

Three things we can learn from this.

1. Fear never leaves.

2. Fear has a market.

3. Real estate can manifest itself in the oddest of places.