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Monday, August 02, 2010

Where'd You Go?

It's been awhile since I last posted. What's my excuse? I've been busy.

Pretty lame huh?

Seriously. There have been a series of development in my life which I have had to address and which unfortunately has dropped this blog down the list of priorities.

I did promise some news and hear it is. I was recently contacted by a source who has been quite reliable in the past and has pointed me in the right direction with my posts. For last couple of years this source relocated to Shanghai for work. This source was now in China, Shanghai specifically and is now strongly considering pulling up stakes. I inquired why they would do that since China is where it's at?

The source responded with the following statement: China is tapped out.

Now, there have been reports that China is trying to reign itself in.

China Stocks Rise as Slower Economy Spurs Easier Policy Outlook

And there is still a huge demand for jobs in that country.
With Asian Industry Astir, More Job-Seekers Go East

Now this source has never been wrong in the past and I find this source quite knowledgeable.

If China's economy does implode, what will the flight to quality be like? One word.

I'll be back shortly folks. Thank you for your patience.