Property Grunt

Monday, September 13, 2010

All cards on the table

Watch closely from 5:31-6:11.

So let us review. Back in August of this year the latest housing report was released and it did not give any of us a warm fuzzy.

More and more families are showing up at homeless shelters. It appears there has not been any changes since 2006. And this trend is everywhere.

And it appears that the flames of the island of fire are about to be blown upon with Wall Street layoffs that are looming on the horizon.

So where do we put our money? If you ask the New York Times, not the bank.

Which leaves with the unthinkable. Letting it all fall apart.

In reference to that clip on Nightline, it is just another indication that only time will resolve this issue. Those who are looking for a quick fix, well, it is not happening.

We have to ride this one out. But do not simply run to the fall out shelter. Even if you do not have the money you should at least look around. In this massive pawn shop called the real estate market, there are deals to be made, opportunities to take advantage of. There are people who need to liquidate.

Most important of all, count your blessings. No matter how bad you have it, there are people out there who are worse off.