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Wednesday, August 18, 2010


It is going to get hot.

Scarsdale has been in the news recently and not for the best of reasons. The link below will give you the rundown.

Honky Trek: Scarsdale?

The biggest development for Scarsdale is the Affordable Housing Plan. Recently there have been new developments for this plan.

Housing Implementation Plan Update

Housing Settlement

According to the August 13, 2010 Scarsdale Inquirer, Bill Ryan, who represents Scarsdale on the Board of Legislators "was disappointed" that the legislators were put out of the loop. In his opinion, the County Executive Office has locked them out and is dealing with the federal government directly.

It is understandable why the County Executive Office is maintaining a tight rein on this issue and making sure there are no nut huggers dragging them down. This is an extremely volatile issue that needs to be handled with kid gloves. The last they want is any more attention upon themselves, especially from the Federal Government.

There is one bit of information that has been brought to my attention which is at best a rumor but can't be ignored.

There is talk there is certain factions creating a work around for affordable housing in Westchester that satisfies the requirements and respects the sensibilities of the communities involved. The workaround is to build affordable housing in Somers.


Somers is not a Scarsdale. Which makes Somers more flexible and in certain minds more appropriate for affordable housing.

A major barrier to entry for this to occur is that there is no direct Metro North Service to Somers. If you want to commute to Somers from Manhattan, you need to either go to Katonah or Goldens Bridge.

Apparently Somers resistance towards an MTA line is due to this rumored plan to consolidate affordable housing in that town.

Whether it is true or not, none of this is going to end well. And those seven years are going to go very fast.