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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Justice for Annie

We have closure and justice for Annie.

Raymond Clark Pleads Guilty to Murder of Yale Grad Student Annie Le

There were certain details that were revealed about the crime that are even more sickening. But somehow it gets even more twisted.

Outside the courtroom today, Clark's father Raymond Clark Jr., said, "It is a heavy heart that I stand here before you today. We will live out our life knowing that he is behind bars. But we are proud of Ray for taking responsibility for his actions and pleading guilty. I want you to know that Ray has expressed extreme remorse from the very beginning. I can't tell you how many times he sobbed uncontrollably, telling me how sorry he is; telling me how his heart is tortured by the reality the he caused the death of Annie."

You're proud of him? Are you f**king kidding me? No wonder your kid grew up to be a sociopath. You probably encouraged this type of behavior. If you had any sense of decency, you would have done the right thing the moment your son admitted to you the truth.

The best thing you can do for your son is send him a couple of dresses. The crimes he has committed puts him on the lower end of the prison hierarchy. And with the publicity surrounding this piece of trash, there is going to be a line out his cell for inmates to establish "relations". Maybe the plea deal was a bad idea. A trial would have delayed the inevitable and he might have ended up with the death penalty. Which sucks but it might have kept him away from general population.