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Thursday, February 23, 2006

"My Life is full of irony. My life is a sitcom": Craigslist on NightLine

I am so happy that I DVRed the Nightline last night for it was the first Nightline interview ever of Craig Newmark.

Craig on customers.

"The really big lesson that I have learned from doing Craigslist customer service full-time, you know, interacting with a couple of hundred people a week or so is that people are overwhelmingly good and trustworthy," he said.

Craig on crime on Craigslist

"You see something really, really ugly, and it stays in your head," he said. "In my case, I have seen too much ugly stuff and it haunts me."

Craig on keeping Craigslist free.

"It would be a deviation from our moral compass," he said. "I don't see right now a way to do it with some consistency, regarding our idea of what is right."

Of course the subject of Craigslist killing newspaper came up which Craigslist responsed unapologetically.

"You shouldn't take the money and run," Chronicle columnist Al Saracevic recently wrote about Newmark. You "need to give something back to society other than cheap apartment ads and funny, dirty personals." But Jim Buckmaster rejected the theory that Craigslist is slowly killing newspapers, saying younger readers increasingly seek their information online.

"We have to keep our eyes on the tens of millions of users who really weren't well-served by newspapers, as far as classified opportunities that existed in the past," he said.

Newspapers have to get through their thick skulls that the evolution has begun. Craigslist is the future. Adapt or die.

Go to this link if you want to read the transcript and see the video.

One of the cool things about Craigslist was their place of work. It is simple house with a Craigslist sign in front of it. And it appears that Craig and Jim share the same office.

And what is Craig's reaction to this publicity?

craigslist on nightline tonight?
Hey, I'm no big deal, but my people are, check out Jake Tapper's blog and from there to the ABC Nightline site.

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