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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Real Estate Carnival

Ask and ye shall receive and boy did I receive it in spades. At first entries came in as a trickle and I was a bit worried that I would have very little to show for my efforts. But just like the night before April 15h, I got a ton of entries at the last minute. So I present to you the Carnival of Real Estate

First up is the New York City section and we will start with

1. The man who is the gold standard of appraisal, Jonathan Miller discusses the realities of the real estate economy, which is no matter what position you take, the real estate economy will go where it wants to go.

2. Coming in second is Urban Digs with “some savvy observations as to where monetary policy is headed down the road you can get close to timing the housing market.”

3. Those crazy cats from Sellsius present their perspective on New York real estate particularly the relationships with buyers and sellers.

4. Andy Cho presents tips on renting in New York City.

Not only is it chock full of advice but Andy also provides a list of property management companies and what their apartments are charging. I have no idea why but Andy has stated that this entry is Not Safe For Work.

5. Trulia presents their take on the Future of Real Estate Listings

6. Nina of Queercents declares to call to arms for woman to grab their power tools and get in touch with their inner contractor.

7. Jim Duncan of Real Central VA, brings further confirmation that buyers are willing but waiting.

8.Frances Flynn Thorsen of the Realty Gram blogger is taking a break from real estate to help others who are in need and has joined the Web Women Giving Circle, a philanthropic
organization raising donations for CARE

9.Free the Drones Blog presents a post on two Divergant Real Estate Strategies: Buying New Construction vs. Buying for Value

10. Then we have Matt Heaton who has obviously way too much time on his hands as he presents 4 entries on the real estate industry.

Real Estate Blog - Leads can't be bought...........

The housing market

Lead conversion and changing lead definitions

Real Estate Blog - New Home Builders....Buyer Beware

11. Pineneedle Lawn gives their take on the midwest.

12. Web Home USA Blog discusses the impact of Zillow

13. Searchlight Crusade cuts to the chase on what Pre-approval should mean.

14. The Q Family are a southern based family in the process of selling their home and present an entry on what to look for in a good agent

15. As if you weren’t confused enough. Greg Tracy sets it straight with the difference between an agent and a realtor.

16. Anesia Springborn of the Landlord blog presents a perspective

17. Samuel at Property Investment Blog present present a tool for investment.

18. Vopenhouse presents an argument of how Google’s ability to search MLS sites has hurt the real estate community.

19. Pittsburg Homes Daily gives a rundown of the Pittsburgh real estate market followed by a list of tips for those selling in a cooling market

20. Blood Hound Realty sniffs up the skill-sets traditional full-service Realtors will need to develop to compete against low-cost, limited-service brokerages and
disintermediating web-based real estate services.

21. According to the Spotlightre, the infamous big dig from Boston isn’t a complete waste as the materials from that boondoogle are making their way into affordable housing.

22. Jim Cronin blows the whistle on the con games that can occur with search engine optimization companies.

22. Seattle Post-Intelligencer examines if David Barry wants to destroy the MLS system in the U.S..

23. David Porter sounds the alarm on home equity credit.

24. BiggerPockets breaks it down on how to rent your property on Craigslist.

25. Aaron Dickinson discusses how it is not what you say but how say it in Buyers: How the ?Tone? of Your Offer Can Make the Difference.

26. And of course who could forget Alison Rogers of Inman News fame she speaks the gospel about how to get past a co-op board.

Once again, I want to thank everyone for their participation. I want to thank the people of Zillow blog for inviting to act as host for this blog carnival. Feel free to email me if you have any suggestions or corrections. Stay tuned for the next Real Estate Carnival which features the great Brownstoner.