Property Grunt

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

This one won't go answered.

Yoohoo. I'll make you famous!

Young Guns II

I normally do not engage in these types of fisticuffs because but a very bad week has left me with a reserve of bad intentions that is just burning inside and I need to get rid of it. And when someone presents an invitation to come kick their ass who am I to refuse?

Below is a comment that was placed in my last entry.

Dear Buyers: Please ignore the real estate agent. He's a nobody. He's not even the decision maker in this deal and you know never to waste time on the guy who can't say yes or no. Make an offer or not, but you have nothing to explain to an agent. You do not need to justify your offer. If you don't want to make an offer, fiine. An agent needs to stand around for a couple hours on Sunday -- if this is a hardship for him he should have gotten out of the business a long time ago.

Dear f**ktard,

I maybe nobody but I am the first and last line of defense for a sale. If a buyer wants to put in an offer they have to go through me. It’s not the broker you have to justify your offer to but the seller. I could care less what the buyer’s reasons are but the seller is going to want to know why the offer is low. You are right. I am not the decision maker. It is entirely in the seller’s hands but I am the one who facilitates it.

Dear Sellers: Why not ask your broker to do some actual marketing and drum up some bids. He works for you. Make him do a little work

Wow. You really are stupid. It’s ok. Obviously you have been convinced that brokers are in control of the market. But we are not. We just adapt to it the best way we can.
I can’t simply drum up bids. It doesn’t work like that. I wish it did it would make everything easier.

Every weekend New York times ads are being put out and exclusives are listed 24/7 on our websites. But even if brokers bought out all the ads in the New York Times it still wouldn’t make a difference. First of all the apartments need to be priced properly. And since the market has begun to go soft it seems that everyone is waiting for it to hit bottom so it is a lot more difficult to figure out what is the best price. Throw in high oil prices and rising interest rates and you got yourself a little clusterf**k in the making.

Please do not mistake my words as an attack against this commentor. By being made an example of there is a certain sense of recognition one gets which is tantamount to eating a bucket of buffalo wings in one setting.

The commentor is one of those individuals who most likely passes the time by slamming the phones voting for their favorite Americna idol, engaging in flame wars over that Kirk was a better captain than Picard or having sex with their own feces.

Obviously American Idol is on hiatus, interest in star trek has waned since Enterprise was cancelled and this commentor is most likely constipated. Thus leaving this commentor nothing else better to do than to antagonize me.