Property Grunt

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I am watching American Idol right now cringing and laughing. As over dramatic as it is, it is indicative of one of many truths about real life that you win and you lose. However, my blog is not American Idol and I was quite horrified to find a ton of real estate carnival entries caught in my bulk mail filter. When it comes to the real estate carnival I believe that everyone who has made the effort should be heard.

So I have retrieved those entries and I presented them in this extended version of the Real Estate Carnival. IF THERE ARE ANY OTHERS I HAVE MISSED! PLEASE LET ME KNOW!

Without further ado

Damon Pace takes real estate branding a step further by emulating Britney Spears without the drugs, bi polar issues and the commando crotch shots in his entry OMG! You are just like Britney Spears. posted at GeekEstate Blog.

Can you believe I missed a Zillow submission? That is so embarrassing; especially since it was Drew’s idea to invite me to this shindig. I hope that Stan Humphries is forgiving for this unintentional slight. Stan presents the facts about homeowners struggling with dealing with their own opinions of their homes and the real world with his entry Home Values: When Perception and Reality Don’t Meet posted at Zillow® Blog.

It’s the SingleGuyMoney blog who is on the quest to rid of himself of non-mortgage debt unlike other single guys who are on the quest in getting laid. This blogger sees the lighter side of the housing slump by getting a next door comparable in his entryAnother House for Sale posted at Single Guy Money.

You are not going to get one but two badass entries from Bret Wilson of Real Estate Radio USA.

Brett compares the National Association of Realtors to that cult, uhh I am not going to say their name because I don’t want my couch to be destroyed, in his entry The National Association Of Realtors Is A Cult! posted at Real Estate Radio USA.

GUNS AND ROSES RULES! Brett gives the rundown on former buyers filing lawsuits against their brokers in his rundown on Slash’s lawsuit in his entry. Welcome To The Jungle Baby! posted at Real Estate Radio USA.

I believe that sometimes you have to look reality in the eye and deny it. -Garrison Keillor.

The moment I read this quote, I realized this entry was solid gold. This quote sums up what is going on in our housing market and our economy. Larry Walker discusses how property owners are now becoming landlords and the additional headaches they have to deal with in his entry Accidental Landlords posted at Larry's Take on the Cocoa Beach Florida Real Estate Market.

Thank you all again good people