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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

You are a f**king idiot

He really blew it.

From ABC News

In a interview two years ago, Spitzer, then-attorney general, told ABC News he had some advice for people who break the law. "Never talk when you can nod, and never nod when you can wink, and never write an e-mail because it's death. You're giving prosecutors all the evidence we need," he said.

Spitzer should have followed his own advice. Now he is front page news on the verge of losing his Governorship and possibly being prosecuted for a federal crime.

Spitzer’s f**k up not only impacts his own career but the following parties.

1.Wall Street. According to Dealbreaker,
Wall Street was shocked and overjoyed at the fall of this boogeyman that had been the source of their nightmares. However they shouldn’t be cheering for long.

However, I think their joy will be short lived.

Some bankers noted that Mr Spitzer’s downfall had come at time when he had been co-operating with some of his former enemies on Wall Street to try to bring atability to the troubled municipal bond sector.

Harnessing his widespread contacts from his time as attorney-general, he had been making numerous phone calls to chief executives of top banks such as Citigroup, Credit Suisse and UBS in behind-the-scenes efforts to secure fresh capital to bail out bond insurer Ambac.

Eric Dinallo, the New York insurance regulator who was appointed by Mr Spitzer and who has been working extremely closely with him on the Ambac rescue, did not know about the allegations until he saw the news coverage on Monday, people working with Mr Dinallo said.

Spitzer was probably doing everything he could to bring stability to the financial sector of New York and making every effort to help New York ride out the recession. Will Lt Governor Patterson be able to hold onto the reins of the downturn? He sure as hell does not have Spitzer's power base. To make matters more interesting, Republican Frank Bruno will be the Lt Governor to take Patterson's spot. I am sure that will be a match made in heaven. This will definitely be a tumultuous 3 years in Albany.

2. Hilary Rodham Clinton. This could not come at a worse time for her. Spitzer is a huge Clinton supporter, a super delegate and was on the short list for vice presidential candidates. Apparently Clinton has made every effort to distance herself from him.since the news broker. No surprise there. The last sex scandal that she was smacked in the head with nearly ended up her leaving the White House early.

3. New York State. Spitzer was considered to be a muckraker of sorts and was in the process of implementing an ambitious platform to reform all that was wrong with New York. For some he was a light of hope, but now it has all become so dark. Are we going to go back to the status quo? Will it be business as usual and all of the changes that Spitzer be considered just a historical footnote?

4. Perhaps the biggest losers are Spitzer's family. Silda Wall Spitzer will now be joining the wives of disgraced governors club consisting of Dina Matos McGreevey of New Jersey and Patty Rowland of Connecticut. Spitzer's daughters are going to be forever marred by their Dad's indiscretions. No matter what they accomplish in life, the actions of their father will always be mentioned in the same breath. They don't deserve this. They are the true innocent bystanders in this mess.

Unlike Kelly Kreth, I am not a sex or relationship expert. However from reading an enormous amount of Sidney Sheldon novels and being raised on Aaron Spelling shows, I feel I know a thing or two about the extra curricular activities that some married men participate in. And if Spitzer had just followed the proper protocols, he would not have created this FUBAR.

Let me get this clear. I am not condoning adultery and nor am I judging anyone. I am actually a big supporter of marriage. However, I am a realist. We all have a tendency of straying and sometimes some of us indulge in that tendency. But I do believe there is a proper way of satisfying those urges for men in public office.

Men of power having an affair is as old as time. Franklin Delanor Roosevelt's secretary Lucy Page Mercer Rutherfurd was believed to have been his mistress. John and Robert Kennedy were known to have passed around Marylin Monroe. However unlike our once esteemed and soon to ex governor, these parties exercised a certain level of discretion. In other words they did not leave any paper trails or they employed problem solvers to cover their tracks. That is why we can only speculate on their dalliances after these men have passed onto history because there is no hard evidence.

The way powerful men conduct affairs with other women relies on good old fashion networking. They find someone who they are attracted to in their inner circle and the two parties have a meeting of the minds and presto they have themselves a mistress. The advantages of a qualified mistress is someone that can be at their beck and call. However there is a risk that the mistress will turn on them. How do you think Dick Morris and Frank Gifford got caught with their pants down? Those women were not from their inner circle. Another reason why they choose someone from their inner circle because this person has as much to lose if their arrangement is exposed. This person can also collaborate on a denial if they are exposed.

However if a man of power is not interested in something long term then they should utilize the services of professional ladies of the night. However the last place you want to go is a website that actually advertises call girls and actually make payments from a bank account or use a credit card. I mean for f**k’s sake, doesn’t Spitzer know about people getting busted on craigslist for trying to buy services of experts of carnal knowledge? Did he not learn anything from busting people for these types of crimes? I can't believe he went to law school let alone Harvard.

Powerful men rely on their network to vouch for the discretion and quality of these services. These services only take cash or compensated in ways that do not raise suspicion and they only service a certain type of clientèle.

All Spitzer had to do was follow these steps and he would have been home free.
Better yet, he should have had a sit down with his lovely wife and given her the rundown about his needs. Perhaps a quick run to Babeland and would have maintained their marital bliss. Maybe Spitzer was a monster in bed and his wife could barely keep up with his demands which involved a slab of bacon and three beach balls. Or maybe she cut him off because he was being a complete douche to her. Who knows? None of my business. But even if he did not want to put in the effort of finding a mistress or making the proper arrangements for his infidelities, then he should have just gone to Fleshbot WARNING NSFW, told his wife and kids to clear out of the house for the day and break out a case of Jergens. I am sure he would not be in this position if he had just indulged in a hearty session of private self gratification.

So now we wait for the inevitable. Rumor is that he is holding off to get a deal because he committed a federal crime by transporting a call girl over state lines. Whatever he's up to, just do it fast. Just leave by doing the right thing.