Property Grunt

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Can you dig it?

My blogger in crime Urban Digs has put out an open invitation to all his readers and colleagues.

What: UrbanDigs wants to invite our readers for drinks to meet anybody that wants to meet us and discuss the real estate markets, stock markets, economy, credit markets, buying, selling, renovating...and anything else you may want to talk about

NOTE: This is NOT an open bar!!! Its a casual event to meet Jeff, Christine & I, ask us whatever you want for our thoughts/opinions, and talk about the markets over drinks.


When: WEDNESDAY FEB, 20th @ 6PM (until whenever...)

RSVP: Please comment below or email us if you know you will come so we can get an idea of numbers! We hope you can make it!!

Noah is an example of the new hybrid real estate broker that not only have the expertise to execute a real estate deal but his experiences in running with the big dogs on Wall Street has given him an invaluable perspective on how the financial effects the real estate market. This is a great opporunity to soak up knowledge from one of the best. The drinks may not be for free but what you will learning will be priceless.

Sadly, yours truly will not be able to attend. But there is next time.