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Sunday, August 31, 2008

This week in politics

Greetings good people. I apologize for the long wait. I have been still recovering from my trip from the left coast. Boy howdy as a lot happened since then.

As we all know Obama has selected Biden for his VP. The Clintons made their presence known at the convention, albeit not at the cost of Obama's reputation.

Hilary's failed attempt at becoming the Democratic Candidate is something that I find quite fascinating since the nomination should have been in the bag for her. However the whole thing imploded in her face.

There have been many opinions of why Hilary got served by Obama, but honestly I think it comes down to three basic tenets which Hilary Clinton lacked which are grace, humility and charm.

In Chinese strategy there is a concept called Patching up the Wok.

The story is that a craftsman is hired is fix a crack in a wok, when the owner is not looking, the craftsman taps crack to make it bigger, when the owner comes back the craftsman show how badly damaged the wok really was and comforts the owner that with his skill he will be able to fix it. The message is that sometimes if you want the full appreciation of others for your efforts, you might need to make the situation worse.

Now, I am not saying Hilary Clinton is responsible for the current state of affairs of our country, but I do know in the last two elections, she wasn’t throwing her support behind any of the democratic candidates at the at time. Of course you could argue that Gores and Clintons weren’t exactly on speaking terms and that she was busy with her own campaign, but did you see her throwing her support for Kerry and Edwards? I am not saying she wanted them to fail but I wouldn’t be surprised if she all she did was wish them well.

When President George W. Bush announced that he wanted to invade Iraq, she actually supported him. When she was confronted by that vote now, she played pass the buck, saying that the information that she was given inaccurate.

Did you see where I am going with this? I am not saying that Hilary manipulated these events to her advantage; however, she did not make a concerted effort to correct them. It was to her advantage to have President George W. Bush to stay in office because his actions would have such negative implications. By not supporting Kerry and Edwards, she would be in the position to play White Knight or White Queen.

Hilary is a brilliant and focused woman; you don’t get to her level of success by being lazy. However she does not have the attributes that made her husband such an iconic figure in American politics. So she has done the next thing and positioned herself so that she becomes the default choice for commander in chief. By not fully backing certain parties and not taking certain actions, in effect she began tapping the crack to make it bigger.

Now there is one key problem with this strategy, the craftsman has to be careful not to make the crack to big that he can’t fix it. Another problem if people know what you are doing, they are going to be pretty pissed at you especially if they are not benefiting from your actions.

Did the Kennedys simply withdraw their support for Hilary due to the comments about Obama’s race? My opinion is that that was probably the straw that broke the camel’s back. Some serious s**t must have been brewing between the two camps for the Kennedys to do a complete about face.

My theory is that Hilary did not show enough grace to her colleagues. She did not show appreciation for what she was given. She also did not show humility to those that mattered to her.

Whether it was deliberate or not, there was a definitely an appearance of entitlement to the White house on her part. And for awhile it looked like we had no choice but to choose her because she was only one qualified to deal with the douchebaggery left by the current administration.

In any political situation, the wise ones in power never take their position for granted. They make every effort to cultivate it and hold onto to the reins of their positions. You keep your ear to the ground at all times for the footfalls of those behind you. You show your deference for those ahead of you, especially those who were once former scions of your cause. Even if their status has been diminished, they still wield a tremendous amount of power.

Another key asset that Hilary does not have that her husband posses in spades is charm. How else can you explain him getting away oral sex with a White House intern? Hilary doesn’t have that gift. As one person I know who has seen her in person, there was only one word to describe the experience. Ice.

What I really find ironic about Hilary’s failed campaign for the Democratic nomination is that it looked as if she was working the system, but what actually happened is that she was the one that got worked and worked bad. And with the amount of debt has complied and the fact that the Obama campaign is pretty much dragging their feet to assist, says to me that in terms of the campaign, this was not just about preventing her from getting nomination, but ensure that the consequences for not getting the nomination would cripple her and her husband. It is no wonder that Bill is pissed off because if Hilary became President he would have made money hand over fist because he had access to Hilary’s back door. Back door to the White House that is, not Hilary’s back door, none of my business what the do at night.

The Devil you don’t know.

Now McCain has selected a VP by the name of Sarah Palin who is the Governor of Alaska. I fist heard of her a couple of months ago when I believe it was either 60 minutes and Dateline did a piece on corruption in the Alaskan legislature. They showed a quick spot on her and that was pretty much it. At that point all I thought was that she was easy on the eyes.

I was just as surprised as everyone else when it was announced by the McCain camp that she was to be his Vice President. However after looking at her background and the situation he is dealing with right now, I realize this is a gamble he had to take.

First of all by selecting Palin as his Vice President, it is a sign that McCain is willing to take the risks necessary to lead America. It also knocks the Obama/Biden camp for a loop because I am sure that camp had accumulated a several cargo planes worth of strategies to deal with the more known VP candidates like Mitt Romney and the other former Republican nominees. Now they literally have to start from scratch in developing a counter attack against her and they have to be extremely careful with Palin because they do not want to pull a Rick Lazio. In fact when Palin was first Ann cued, Obama made no immediate mention of her until very recently. A response that takes that long in this presidential election is considered to be nearly an eternity.

Palin is a real salt of the earth type of person who had to elope with her husband because they could not afford a wedding. When she was initially elected as the Governor of Alaska she fired the personal chefs and got rid of the personal airplane, stating that she did not need those things. In fact, she made every effort to stay true to her own principles. In fact she is a hard core pro-lifer and ignored the option to terminate her pregnancy when prenatal testing results indicated her child would be developmentally challenged.

If the McCain and Palin ticket go the White House, one thing is for sure, Hilary Clinton will never set foot in the White House unless she is invited in.

This is going to be one interesting election year. I can’t wait for the debates.