Property Grunt

Friday, September 12, 2008

Just for fun

Comic Bobby Lee will play McCain in a segment on the season premiere of “MADtv” this Saturday night. The segment, “So You Think You Can Dance: President’s Edition,” features Bobby and Arden Myrin as Cindy McCain and Keegan-Michael Key and Erica Ash as Barack and Michelle Obama.

I think Arden Myrin is inspired casting for Cindy McCain.

So what the hell is this? It is me saying let's take a step back and laugh. Already we have commerrated those we lost on 9/11 and we are still dealing with the economic turmoil that appears to be far from over.

As for Lehman Brothers, I actually have a personal story related to Lehman Brothers, which as far as I am concerned, explains why that investment bank in a world of hurt.

But for now, let's laugh. Let us enjoy ourselves. We will have plenty of time to ruminate next week.

Below is a brilliant set from Bobby Lee where he talks about his first job.