Property Grunt

Thursday, January 21, 2010


I am going to be switching gears and do some lovely coverage of the Manhattan of Westchester, Scarsdale.

Now for this particular story, you need to watch the video.

It sounds like Officer Kraus is a stand up guy. A regular centurion with a badge. A man of honor.

Not Quite.

The word "stupid" is probably an accurate description of this person, however I would also like to add Karma.

The crash occurred around 1:30 AM in the village of Scarsdale. Ever been to the village of Scarsdale at that time of night? Even tumbleweeds do not pop out since it is so dead. The fact that this nudnik hit a police car shows how karma was literally riding shotgun with Kraus.

Here are some interesting facts about this case.

Kraus, who made $115,659 in 2008, including overtime, was suspended with pay pending a county police investigation. He was released without bail from Scarsdale custody, pending a court appearance.

With a salary like that and a pension, I think we all should become cops.

Due to heavy rain, Kraus was taken elsewhere for field sobriety testing, the police report said. He performed poorly on the horizontal gaze but completed the one-leg stand and walk and turn without fault.

He then refused a Datamaster blood-alcohol test.

Of course he was able to pass the field sobriety test and of course he refused the breathalyzer. He knows the system inside out.

Officer Jessica Knatz, a former New York City police officer who has been on the Scarsdale force for 2 1/2 years, underwent surgery Monday and remains at Westchester Medical Center with injuries that are not considered life-threatening.

Get well Officer!

And this should not be a big surprise.

Westchester officer pleads not guilty to DWI, hands over license

And what will his fate be? Well, I don't know but this article should shed some light.

Cops admit protecting their own from DWI

If you want to read more coverage of this latest contender for the Darwin Awards, go here.