Property Grunt

Tuesday, April 06, 2010


With the MTA service cuts, token booths have have also joined the casualty list.

Recently, I was in the downtown area when I saw the footprint of a token booth that once was, when I noticed something very, very odd.

Do you see it? Here's a closeup.

It appears the crew taking down the booth did a good job. Too good of a job because they LEFT A GAPING HOLE FOR ANY TURNSTILE JUMPER TO JUMP THROUGH.

And let's just say that they actually put up a barrier to fully cover up that hole, well THEY SHOULD REMEMBER THAT PLYWOOD IS THE ALUMINUM FOIL OF WOOD!

Now the MTA has been doing a big song and dance that they need to cut costs to save money. Note to MTA: LACK OF COMMON SENSE CAN WASTE MONEY RATHER THAN SAVE IT!

The location of this turnstile will not be revealed for the following reasons:

1. Why make it easier for turnstile jumpers?

2. Why make the MTA's job any easier? This will force to them to look at every token booth they have taken down to find where this gaping hole exists and hopefully evaluate themselves in doing a better job.

And they wonder why we are angry.