Property Grunt

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Scardale's version of the November 2010 Elections.

Not Quite.

More like this.

If you want further details go to this link and do search in the Scarsdale Patch.

During these harsh economic times, even Scarsdale has been taken a beating. But apparently some people did not get the memo. This includes the geniuses who wanted an indoor pool/community center courtesy of the taxpayers. And outrage over larger class sizes. It was probably a little disheartening when a certain middle school principle told a group of parents that when he was worried about it, they should be worried about it.

Despite having sky high property taxes, Scarsdale is hemorrhaging money and is looking for other ways to raise it.

So a bunch of "Scarsdalians" (Yes. They call themselves that.) got together and formed a coalition to take over the Village.

2011 is going to be, wait for it,