Property Grunt

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Random thoughts on a weekend.

Although it is too hot to blog, there are some things that have come to my attention.

War for Brooklyn

Despite the rich having the upper hand, the proletariat still rage on against the forces of gentrification in Brooklyn. Perhaps a peace treaty will be in order. As for those young people living a cliché of trend couture and ranting about how the locals have gone vichy. This is how you prevent from being steam rolled by the status quo. You get involved in community activism and pool your money together. Not by spending your nights drinking and smoking and acting cool.

H*****r is such a pretentious and cliche word that I refuse to write it out. I met a girl once who actaully identified herself as one which is akin to her identifying herself as a Valley Girl in the 80's. Even when I sarcastically asked what that meant, she was so wrapped in being part of that clique she proceeeded to lecture about the h****r ways. I despise that word so much that I refuse to type it out. I wish Hollywood would make a movie or tv show titled H******r in order to make it uncool.

Why so angry? Perhaps my rage stems from meeting somone who is a poseur from Quincy Massachusetts and actually declares themselves a h******r because they live in Wiliamsburg and work for minimum wage at some boutique that sells overpriced designer bags. Show me a Brooklyn H*****r wearing vintage clothing. And I will show you someone who can only afford to shop at the Salvation Army.

Jennifer Moore

A Jersey girl’s life is now a tragic milestone joining the club of other night life related murders. I think Rob the bouncer summed it up best.

When you're Bridge and Tunnel, as Jennifer Moore was, things get a bit dicier. You cross the river, you pay your toll, and you're part of the show until last call. After that, for us, there's a process involved. You need to get home, and home is hardly a short cab or subway ride away. No. It's more complicated than all that. And in the interim -- the time between, when commuter trains are caught, or cars retrieved -- shit happens. When you're young, and from the suburbs, and don't know where to legally park or how to get back to the PATH or the LIRR, you're exposing yourself to 4 am New York -- the Manhattan of Darryl Littlejohn, Steven Sakai and Draymond Coleman. The New York I remember.

As a child of the 80’s I was raised during that infamous era of New York City even when our mayor at the time was powerless to stop even people who were distrubing the peace. And even after Guiliani cleaned up the town, every now and then I am reminded of those dark days when I am in the presence of those that I wouldn’t dare turn my back on.

Rest easy Jennifer.