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Thursday, May 18, 2006

And you too can be in real estate PR

I got this press release from Kelly Kreth Kommunications. It appears she will be teaching at my alma mater, the New York Real Estate Institute. Let the media whoring begin.

NEW YORK REAL ESTATE INSTITUTE ANNOUNCES NEW Seminar TO Debut in june CALLED The Power of PR in REal Estate And Spreading the word online

-Real Estate PR Expert, Kelly Kreth, President, Kreth Communications, will teach


-SEO Expert, Michael Zittel, President,, will teach


New York City, May 17, 2006 –New York Real Estate Institute, the leading real estate school in New York since 1987, announced today that it will be debuting a brand new two-part seminar relating to marketing and public relations in the real estate industry, this June.

The first part of the seminar will be called The Power of Public Relations in Real Estate and will be taught by PR expert and publicity firm owner, Kelly Kreth. The second part will be called: Spreading the Word Online and will be taught by real estate Internet marketing expert, Michael Zittel.

“Due to the continuous demand from brokers requesting to learn about these topics, I enlisted the two best people in their respective industries to provide brokers the information they need to make their firms more successful,” Richard Levine, president, NYREI.

“The Power of Public Relations in Real Estate will touch upon how to quantify return on investment in your public relations efforts, the distinct differences between PR, marketing and advertising and what anyone in the industry should know about trying to garner positive press for their initiatives,” comments Kelly Kreth, president, Kreth Communications.

“Effectively distributing your press release and other news online increases your identity as a real estate professional and authority in your market segment. If executed properly, your news and press releases will increase your visibility in the search engines and bring more buyers to you. Imagine what would happen to your business if Google, Yahoo and MSN thought your site was the most relevant to the search term ‘New York Real Estate’“ says Michael Zittel, owner

It maybe construed as a class on how to use craigslist but PR plays a big role in real estate. Barbara Corcoran's success was due to the massive PR campaigns she undertook to elevate her status. And Kelly. Well we know her story. You have to admire Kelly, she really knows how to milk her own cow. Perhaps Dwellingquest shouldn't have fired her.

At $295 a pop it sounds a sweet gig. If she is smart she has probably lined up a couple of media outlets to cover this affair. If anyone goes to this, please shoot me an email to let me know how it went. I am sure you will at least learn what not to do in PR.