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Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Plan

They had a plan too. Didn't work out so well.

It appears that everything I wrote about has come true.

Of things to come.

There has been dissension amongst the Democrats, the Republicans have staged a successful counter attack in Ted Kennedy's home state. Albeit Ted's replacement is a man with a history of being bare chested and bare everywhere. It also appears his wife and two daughters have a thing for showing skin. and the majority of the general public has pretty much turned their backs against Obama.

Mayor Mike: Don't Interfere with Our Wonderful Banks!Mayor Mike: Don't Interfere with Our Wonderful Banks!

What does Obama do?

Does he retreat?

Does he beg?
Does he hold his ground?


He grabs a blade and goes straight for the jugular.

Obama hammers Wall Street banks

Of course we have the expected reaction of people losing their s**t.

Bloomberg Hammers Obama, Congress Over Bank Plan

Obama Seen as Anti-Business by 77% of U.S. Investors

And this is not a brazen, wild hay maker of a response from Obama. This is a surgical pin point accurate laser guided bomb of retaliation.

There is a saying in Chinese strategy.

Remove the firewood from under the pot

In other words, if you want to disarm or destroy an opponent, remove their assets.

What keeps the Republican party pot boiling is money. Money generated from parties that benefit from a free market. Remove that fire and they are f**ked.

What Obama is asking for, is not simply populist rhetoric. All over the world, everyone is demanding these changes, even the British Tories. What makes it worse for Wall Street is that the changes that Obama is asking for have already proven to work.

It is my belief that President Obama was holding onto to this ace in the hole since the beginning of his presidency. He is switching gears from reforming our health care to reforming our financial system not because he wants to help the American people but because the Republicans went Cylon and put their plan into action. Now Obama is showing them the airlock.

Remember when you f**k Obama. He will f**k you back but harder.